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    So went out and collected eggs and watched the chickens for a little bit, came in with 9 eggs. Put them in the big basket on the counter, and DH came right in and started feeling them for the "warm ones", which he promptly cracked into a pan to make himself some egg sandwiches. Figured the kiddo (3 y/o) would hound him for some, he cut one sandwich up for her.

    Once they were settled, I decided to eat the littlest egg of the day (yay diet LOL, it's how I justify eggs [​IMG] ), cooked it up, and put it on a plate to cool a little.

    In comes the kiddo, who takes one look at my plate, yells "Honey Egg!! Mine!!", and takes off with it.

    We had also made her toast, which she kindly brought back to me after stealing my egg. Thanks kid.

    So, my kiddo eats fresh eggs with gusto, and I eat her soggy toast.

    What the heck? LOL!!

    I guess it's a good thing that she's an egg lover....

    The toast wasn't TOO bad.

    (She calls them Honey Eggs because the first egg we got was from the Polish hen who's name is Honey, and is DD's favorite chicken. When Honey laid the first egg, we were very excited about Honey's egg, and apparently DD is now convinced that all eggs from the coop are Honey Eggs. )
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    Lol don't I know it! My DS will do that to me too! I've gotten sick of it (being preggo) and saying "Hey! I'm already sharing with someone, go get it from Daddy!" lol. I am a food hog, and although I can't deny my son, it's very hard for me to part with my food lol.
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    She's sabotaging your diet by forcing you to eat the carbs.[​IMG]

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