darn temperature spike of 105.3

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    I sure hope I didn't cook my silkies...for no apparent reason other than to stress me out- temps spiked to 105.3 at the top of the eggs for an hour or less. They should be okay [​IMG] then again, my Silkie eggs are so small (my torpedo eggs) that it wouldn't take as long to cook them [​IMG] I opened the incubator to drop the temp. I could go candle them this morning but I don't want to open it again. I am on Day 16. Oh they are sharing the incubator with the quail eggs until my racks are delivered-hopefully today. Today is Day 1 for them.

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    See? If you would have eggs in the incubator now, you could be stressing with me!
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    They should be just fine...good luck with the hatch..

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