Daughter horrid sinus infection

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Has anyone heard of an allergy to chickens? My daughter has had a sinus problem for 8 weeks now, constant nose blowing, total nasal blockage, no air will go in. She's on an antibiotic which so far hasn't made a difference. The only thing different in our lives is the addition of 10 chickens. No problems when we took the chicks home at 2 days old. The sinus trouble began about 4 weeks later. We have no idea if the chickens are the culprit but today we told her she can no longer hangle them. She is sooo sad. They are her pets. She hugs them, cuddles them, etc. She has a broken heart until we can figure out what is causing her nose blockage and constant blowing. Anyone ever heard of this? We don't know if she is in fact allergic to chickens, and could it be that she wasn't until they grew feathers? Any info appreciated.
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    I don't know about allergic (not saying she couldn't be, I just don't know) but the dust/dander can get crazy bad when chicks are in the brooder so that is the direction that I would look to first. I use pine pellets instead of shavings when I brood chicks now because while it doesn't eliminate the dust it does help quite a bit. Hope she gets better soon and can resume loving on her little fuzzy butts.

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    I agree with the dust and dander that chicks produce, that yes your daughter is allergic to dust. The birds sound like they are old enough to get them outside now. Then you will need to clean the house carefully dusting everything. If the antibiotic hasn't help then it isn't infection. She doesn't need the antibiotic drug. If she is old enough then allergy drugs like a decongestant would be more helpful. Nasal rinses with a neti pot and saline would be super safe and should help. I know that stares like Walgreens will carry a neti pot, and it shouldn't be very expensive. You can make your own saline for the pot with baking soda. The neti pot should come with instructions for use and measurements.
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    Aug 7, 2010
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    [​IMG] hope your daughter can play with your fuzzy buttz soon! Best of luck to your daughter!

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