Daughter Wants More Chickens....

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    Okay, so DD, wants more chickens. She wants to build a shed type coop and split it up into breeding pens as she wants to start raising orpingtons. I on the other hand, I am a bit hesitant. I love our two laying hens we have right now, but we live in the suburbs. I just dont want us to get overrun with chickens. She says she will pay for the coop (she has been saving birthday and christmas money for several years now), pay for the chickens, etc.
    I am all for her doing this, but I want to set guidelines. What are some of your opinions on things she needs to do to prove that she would be able to do this project and continue with it? I want her to really be 100% into this and committed.

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    Well first...

    What are the city rules on roosters? In order to breed you need a male. Since she seems young (you didn't say how old she is), you may want to consider 4h (some clubs are welcoming, some are utterly cliquish, don't be afraid to shop around). If my 11 year old had offered this plan, i'd say sure, he's old enough to do do 90% of the work, after thee coop is built. If my 7 year old had, i'd offer to let him get 1-2 special show birds, and wait on the breeding program.

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