Daughter's first play starts Friday


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
After many evenings of practice, my daughter's first play
will hit the stage Friday. Final full dress rehearsal this evening.

Alice in Wonderland, and she's Card Soldier 1.

Six performances this weekend, the first four are already
sold out, 800 tickets each.

It's a big step, and I'm proud of her. For her to choose to
follow me on the stage...Yes, I'm proud. I'm not on stage
this time, but I will be in the wings. Backstage. Both my wife
and myself.

Has her lines down pat, costume fits, and she's ready as she
can be before the curtain opens.

Practice begins for Tom Sawyer next week..We're both in that

And yes, there's always butterflies in my stomach before the

It's always a rush.
aw, congradulations;) my daughters first play, I cried my eyes out. Something about seeing her up there(without mommys help) and realizing what a gift she is to me. How, as moms, we do our best to bring them up healty, happy, and productively. And to see them in the spot light SHINING!! Congradulations again. and enjoy
Just finished the 4th grade, Hana is 10 years old.

First performance over. Perfect!

Card Soldiers don't talk alot, (only a few lines) but they march well!
I'm guessing theatric interest and ability has a genetic link. I have zip, aero, nada talent! My wife is an avid actress-director. Both of our children were involved in and interested in theater in school but never really "caught the bug." My thirteen year old grand son has the potential to become a theater addict. I have enjoyed every performance that any of them were in (well maybe not every but most:lol:.) I know the joy of a child sharing your compelling interest. Enjoy this phase. They grow up too quickly.

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