Master of the Silly
11 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Winter Haven, FL
Summerlin Fence, Feed and Garden Center Swap Meet EVERY 2 weeks..............

Saturday APRIL16th
8:00 AM to noon
909 US Hwy 17-92 S
Davenport, FL 33837
Telephone: (863) 422-4537

we went to this last time & there was a need for sellers cause there were tons of buyers. They were looking for goatsm geese, hens, silkies, chicks & more. When you pull in come up to the right to set up!!! Very busy feed store & i sold out in less then 2 hrs. I would have sold even more if i had the stuff to sell.

cya there................
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no, i usually have some babies along with Debra. Just depends on what we bring & if it sells out. What color are you looking for? It's a nice swap to come out to. last one we had a reporter come out & do an article on it. That's a great way to get more people coming out to buy & sell!!!!
I went to the swap on April 2nd but didn't find what i was looking for (Americaunas). I did meet a lady with buff orpingtons so now I want to have a few of those as well. I will try to make the 16th swap and see if I get lucky!
debra had ameraucanas............... i know she will have some on the 16th. as far as hens go , their a little bit harder to come by.
Next one is MAY 14th
Well now my wife isnt letting me get any chickens for a while, but she still wants fresh organic eggs. Is there anyone around this area that has a few extra every now and then?

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