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    Mar 14, 2012
    I bought 1buycart Sniper because I was tired of those pesky autofill preventers that computers, and many time you can't read but have to fill in before you can submit a form. I thought it was another scam that would be a waste of money. I had been researching ways to boost sales for my art prints and e-Books. After looking for a way around those 1buycarts, which are a pain in the butt, I finally found a software package that might actually do the trick. I ended up paying $197 for it and was, or so I thought worth it, at the time. china wholesale electronics online shop I was amazed that it actually did work. It will fill a lot of those 1buycarts, a list can be found on their homepage, http://www.1buycart.com . This greatly simplified filling in forms to link webpages, swap links, submit to search engines, build mailing lists, etc. I used it to market my art and e-Books and it has been quite effective. But I ended up getting scammed anyway. I liked 1buycart Sniper so I sent an email to a friend who also bought. He ended up paying only $97 for it, $100 less than me! I was not happy and went to the website and found that they have a special offer now and it can be had for only $77. Now I really mad and that's why I'm saying I got scammed. What I bought for $197, what I thought was a good deal at the time, can now be had for only $77. I reluctantly must say it works well even though I paid far more than the price offered today. I guess I would have to recommend it even though I feel I got scammed on the price. All I can say it that it is well worth the 77 bucks.[http://www.1buycart.com china electronics direct">china electronics direct]] Rick Carufel Author/Artist 1buycart.com

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