Dawn of the Dangelves-RP

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    Dawn of the Dangelves

    You hear the high pitched laugher. Almost like a hyena, but they’re not hyenas. No. They’re worse.
    You remember the way your mother whispered their name. Filled with hate. But there was something else there. Fear? Yes, fear.
    A Dangelv smashes through the window above your brother’s bed. Your brother remains asleep, even with the gruesome creature crouching above him. You see it, only five feet away. Black skin and hair, white eyes. It doesn’t notice you, so you watch it. In a flash, it’s gone, and so is your brother. Your throat becomes tight.
    Just a dream, you tell yourself.
    The next morning, you wake up. Your brother is still in bed. It was all a dream.
    Or was it?
    He isn’t breathing, and bloody handprints stain the sheets and windowsill.

    During the day, they appear to be regular people. There is no way to discern a Dangelv from a human at daytime.
    At night, they become deadly. Their skin and hair turn black, and their eyes have no pupils or irises. While hunting, they emit a high-pitched call that is similar to that of a hyena. Researchers are unable to agree on why they do this. No Dangelv has ever been recorded speaking it its night form. They live and hunt in gangs of 3-7. They drink and eat human blood and flesh. Dangelves seem to prefer children. Some researchers believe that they are able to change humans into dangelves. How, why and whether or not this is possible is currently being tested.
    Dangelv numbers are rising rapidly, especially in this area. Please be cautious at night.
    Prof. Richard Meyer,
    South Breton University

    Welcome to this RP. This was actually the earliest idea for the Darklanders RP, but that changed dramatically before even the first thread was made.

    1. All BYC rules
    2. Although gore and violence is permitted, please keep it PG-13 (the Hunger Games is PG-13, I don’t think this is a hard rule to follow)
    3. When fighting with another user’s character, keep a balance between practical and fair (more elaboration of this rule below)
    4. When there are 5 or more unfilled gangs, no new gangs can be made
    5. Be realistic when fighting; an adult male will defeat a teenage girl, and no one is invinsible
    6. While dangelves do heal faster than humans, healing isn’t instant
    7. You can have a conversation with another BYCer, but you must be RPing at the same time

    Dangelv Names:
    Dangelves have two names. Their day names are normal, common names that humans know them by. Their true names are strange and only used by other dangelves. If a human discovers a Dangelv’s true name, both human and Dangelv are killed. True names must be really weird, and day names must be really common. I will let you know if they're okay.
    Gang Names:
    Gang names are either in the strange Dangelv language, or in English. If the gang name is English, it is a good feeling or a virtue.

    Gang Ranks
    Gangs have up to seven members, therefore up to seven ranks. 1 is the leader, and the highest. 2 is second-in command. The numbers that follow are less privileged and respected. If a number dies or leaves, the numbers below it move up to fill its place. The gangs must be filled from 1 to seven. You cannot skip a number.

    Dangelv Name Suggestions
    Feel free to use these.
    Becoming a Dangelv
    All Dangelves added after the RP has started must be new Dangelves. New Dangelves must either join a gang and work their way up, or start their own.

    The Hunters
    The hunters are a group of people who live together in the woods. They spend each night hunting dangelves. Every hunter has their own ability, a special talent that exceeds what humans can ever hope to have. All abilities are equally important. Hunters can only use weapons that they can make themselves (bows, knives, spears etc). Humans are taught to despise them, but they are actually better at their job than the DEU.
    Hunter's abilities:
    Weapon making

    The DEU
    The Dangelv Extermination Unit is a government organisation. Their headquarters is in the centre of the city. They have modern weapons (guns, tasers, cars etc.). Most humans think of them as heroes. They partol the city and suburbs. There are four groups; North city patrollers, South city patrollers, North suburbs patrollers and South suburbs patrollers. They are able to jail anyone who they suspect to be a dangelv. They sometimes kill hunters for the sake of it. Most of the DEU are slackers and are only there for the power and money.

    How to do a Fight Scene
    BYCer1 Samuel held out his leg in an attempt to trip Kate.
    BYCer2 Kate tripped, and then got back up. She reached for Samuel’s hair, meaning to pull it.
    BYCer1 Samuel dodged her. He then began to punch Kate.
    BYCer2 Samuel missed.
    BYCer1 (This is really boring)
    BYCer1 Samuel tripped Kate.
    BYCer2 Kate pulled all of Samuel’s hair out, causing him to bleed severely.
    BYCer1 (That’s not fair or possible) Samuel pulled out a knife and stabbed Kate, causing her to die.
    BYCer2 Well. This sucks.
    BYCer1 Samuel tripped Kate, smiling smugly.
    BYCer2 Kate fell to the ground and looked at him, eyes full of hatred. She pulled herself up and took out her pocket knife.
    BYCer1 Sam glanced at the pocket knife, and in a few swift movements, he held Kate still with his knife’s blade pressed against her neck. “Drop it,” he ordered.
    BYCer2 Kate clutched her pocket knife tightly, but she then dropped it and waited to be released.
    BYCer1 Samuel released her, and picked up her dropped knife. “I’ll be keeping this.”

    In the last example, both BYCers continue the action, but still let the other BYCer have a choice. Please try to do this.

    During the Day
    Dangelves live in houses, like regular people. They have normal jobs. They don't feel empathy, and are mean. They aren't good at keeping friends. Some are manipulative. Dangelves don't eat during the day.

    Dangelv Form:
    Day and True Names:
    Rank Number:
    Day Appearance:
    Life During the Day:
    Hunter Form:
    DEU Form:
    Patrol Area:

    Brown: Road
    Black:Borders between places
    Pale Pink: Grass
    Pale Green: The woods
    Pale Blue: The lake
    Pale Purple: The City
    Pale Yellow: The suburbs
    Pale Orange: Caravan/trailer park
    Black dots: Houses in the woods
    Purple: Solace Gang
    Grey: Purity Gang
    Red: Tsambvaa Gang

    Xiianax (Sandra Watson): During the day, she has a shoulder length grey bob, and her eyes are grey-blue. She is 54, but still very agile. She is a school teacher and Atchkid's mother. (NixNoodleNumbat)
    Dltrovm (Daniel Smith): He has messy brown hair, a beard, and brown eyes. He works at a local mechanic. He’s approximately 30, but he stopped counting when he stopped being human. He became a dangelv during his last summer break of high school. (NixNoodleNumbat)
    Atchkid (Ella Watson): Shoulder-length blonde hair, grey eyes. She is in her late teens, and goes to a high school in the city. Xiianax's daughter. (NIxNoodleNumbat)
    Hesnkael (Drew Elliot-McCarther): He has wavy, dark brown hair that reaches his shoulders, as well as lightly tanned skin and dark eyes. Hesnkael stands at about 5'9". During the day, he goes to the nearest community college, and has a part-time job at its library. He is 24. (Zinnia-Hen)
    Treder (Katrina): Her day appearance is black Shiny hair with blue eyes. She has pale white skin and a perfect smile. She has two very sharp canine teeth. During the day, she usually farms in an unknown secret area. She's 14 years old. Her family was killed. (IMMASHEIK)

    Sasha McCartney (Rka): She has beautiful golden blonde hair, grey eyes. She's tall, youthful and athletic. She's a senior in Highschool. She works at a local hair salon. Her family is all dead. Darcismus is her boyfriend. She's 17. She was born a Dangelv, and took over the gang when her parents (the only two people above her) died. (LittleLady98)
    Richard Price (Darcismus): He is tall, handsome. He has thick, dark brown hair, and green eyes. He's a freshman at the local college. He works at a restaurant. His girlfriend is Rka. He is 18. He doesn't like to talk about his past. (LittleLady98)


    Grace Eknez: Short black hair and olive skin. Her eyes are dark brown. She is 5'10". She specialises in fighting. She is 43. Ede's older sister. She grew up as a hunter.(NixNoodleNumbat)
    Deputy: Open
    Ede Eknez: Hip-length black hair and a fringe that reaches just past her eyebrows. She has olive skin and dark brown eyes. She is 5'8". She is 27; 16 years younger than her sister, Grace. She grew up as a hunter. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    This thread is not open for RPing yet. Any constructive criticism would be nice!
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    Sounds interesting. I'll give this a try...

    Day and True Names: Drew Elliot-McCarther ( Hesnkael)
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Solace
    Rank Number: 4
    Day Appearance: He has wavy, dark brown hair that reaches his shoulders, as well as lightly tanned skin and dark eyes. Hesnkael stands at about 5'9.
    Life During the Day: He goes to the nearest community college, and has a part-time job at its library.
    Family: N/A
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None at the moment.
    Age: 24
    History: N/A
    Other: N/A
    Username: Zinnia-Hen
  3. I like it..I don't have time to make the forms at the moment but I'll get to it.
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  6. It sounds really kool, when I haven't done one of these kind of RPs in a while I find myself becoming, rather, soft. [​IMG]
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    New info added to the FP!
  8. Can I make forms even though it's not open for RPing yet?
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    Yup. Now is the best time to join.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm gonna join...but I'm thinking about it! [​IMG]

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