Day 1 incubator temp went high. What are the chances?


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Jun 6, 2012
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I know, the eggs are probably doomed. I foolishly ordered the hatching eggs and the incubator at the same time. Eggs arrived yesterday, incubator stuck at a UPS location. Our power just came back on yesterday so last night I devised an incubator with an ecoglow, cooler and bowl of water. It was late, I didn't realize I could refrigerate, we've had storm I put them in before it had stabilized. Went to bed 11pm temp 95, humidity 30%. 5AM it was 107F and 30% humidity. Readjusted height of ecoglow and repositioned water. Humidity 40% and rising when I left, temp 95 no idea if stable. Had to go to work. Turned the eggs of course.

Anyway, it was just poor planning on my part as well as the storm. I will try to keep them stable and in the right range but it's probably too late. At least my current flock was unharmed by the storm so I'm not entirely a bad chicken keeper!

I so wanted my 1st hatch to be successful. Bummer!!

Depends how long it was that high, I have eggs that survived about everything right now, temp spiked to 108 once, then the power went out (hurricane), hopefully they'll have an easier time these next 10 days before hatching BUT thru all of that 4 are definitely still alive!! They've had a rough start on life
Thanks for the reply. Temp was 97 today while I was at work. Humidity got up to 60%. Since tweaking it after I got home I am getting closer to ideal. Not giving up yet. Sadly my incubator is still stuck in massachusettes. But I am loving my wireless remote temp/humidity sensor. Bought a long time ago for a different project.


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