Day 10 candling... good news


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7 Years
May 12, 2012
Now when I candled them a few days ago I found
5 had movement
2 are solid and I cant see in them
2 were dead
2 had veins but nothing else
1 had no veins
I just candled them (tomorrow I am going to buy a better flashlight) and I found
5 still had movement
2 solid and I still cant see in (reason I am buying a stronger flashlight)
2 that I thought were dead are moving.. woo hoo. One is a lot bigger than the others though. not sure as to what to do with that one, he might be ready to hatch sooner. When I candle him I can see him moving his head like he is pecking at the light the others are about 1/4 his size
1 still is clear no veins and no air sac.

Any suggestions on the bigger one

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