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    Its day 16 in our incubators - my Mother in law is incubating 12 eggs that I ordered (I ordered way too many [​IMG] ) and she called this morning saying she can hear peeping inside some of our eggs?? Is this okay? She set them in the incubator on the same day as I set my own eggs - Friday, 3/14/08 - she set hers at 6:30 am, I set mine in my incubator at 11:30 am. She is turning hers by hand, and has hatched many exotic birds, but not chickens.

    I dont want to open my own incubator unnecessarily, so I'm not going to mess with mine til I need to add water today, if I do, so I wont know if mine are peeping or not....

    Is it too early for the chicks to be peeping and still survive?

    I was not planning on hatching my own eggs in the incubator they are in - on Monday, 3/31/08, Day 18, I was going to move them to a hatching incubator - with a higher temp and humidity - Will this still be safe? HELP?? Any suggestions?
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    I say go on with plans as usual. Are you sure you heard peeping? Sounds way too early, but you never know.
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    tfpets Mmm, tastes like chicken

    Oh yes, she heard peeping in several of them, for sure. I havent heard from her since then, so no updates, but I appreciate your response! (She lives in Sacramento) I feel sad for them, but we'll wait and see. The eggs in my incubator are still developing on target, I think, no peeping here yet, but we're still on schedule! Thanks! Tina

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