Day 16 of incubating chicken eggs also, Lol

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    If anybody can answer this question, please do. Is it on the 16 day that you see pip holes? Because i always thought that it was on the 18th&19th day that you start seeing the pip holes.
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    depends on the size of the egg, and the actual date of the egg. my eggs I thought would hatch Wed. and Thurs. but, the momma hen sat on them a couple of days, so I didn't know the actual age, although I thought I did. they hatched this morning.
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    IME, most eggs hatch within 24 hours of pipping. I'd always heard that it took 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch, and that has proved true for most of the larger eggs that I've hatched in an incubator; bantam eggs have taken about 19 days. However, when I've had broody hens do the hatching, it seems they can get the job done in about 19 days, whatever the size of the egg. I once set a bunch of shipped eggs under 5 hens, the eggs came from several breeds ranging from Serama to LF Polish. All of the eggs that hatched did so within 24 hours of each other, and some of the larger eggs were among the first to hatch.

    Most people will tell you not to open the incubator after about day 18 to keep the humidity up, because eggs can lose a lot of moisture once they pip. Depending on the incubation method (hen vs. incubator) I wouldn't expect to see pips until day 19, maybe later.
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