Day 18 Humidity 67% ok?

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    Feb 27, 2008
    I have a hova 1588 and last night at 10 pm was the start of day 18 so i tried to raise the humidity to 70% but no matter what i do if i fill 2 of the slots i get 67% max (this is after letting it run overnight) or if i try to fill another slot i get 85% or higher. I fought it until 3 am last night which when i went to bed showed 66%. I have been watching it the last 3 hours and its stayed at 67% so i was wondering if i should add a sponge or something and try to get it to the 70% mark. Thanks
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    Good enough.

    Morely A. Jull in his book, "Successful Poultry Management," claims between 48-60% Rh is required for incubation and never mentions the 70% we slavishly stress over.
    He knew more before any of us were born than we are likely to ever know.

    Youre doing fine. Really, incubation is the easy part. The technolgoy and science of it are pretty basic. There are many other factors, out of our immediate control as a rule, which prevent good hatching.
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    Mar 21, 2008
    I bump mine up to as close to 65% as I can get.... Anything above 70% I try to get it down a bit. But that's just me [​IMG] LOL

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