Day 18 is Friday: What am I supposed to do, again?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by HaikuHeritageFarm, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Ok, so I know on day 18 I am supposed to remove the egg turner and add lots of water and not open the incubator (second hand still-air LG) until...what, day 22 or so? This is my test batch of eggs, I have candled them and I THINK there's stuff happening in there. Yesterday they were mostly all dark with just a pouch of air at one end. Is that what I should have seen, or should it have been ALL dark? (I think there was one like that.)

    I've been mostly attempting to follow the "dry-hatch" method, keeping the thermometer at about 99-100 and trying to keep at or slightly above 40% humidity. Any recommendations for what I should do to increase the humidity to the 80% or so I read I should have for loc-down? LOTS of sponges? Just one + the two narrow reservoirs?

    I honestly don't have high hopes for anything happening, I didn't even get a thermometer until about day 8 or 9. However, the temp has held surprisingly well without having been adjusted, so the temp was probably fine the whole time. Less sure about the humidity. It may have gotten TOO dry in there at times.

    Basically, I just want to go through all the right steps so that the next time I put eggs in there, I can get results.
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    On day 18 is lock down. So more humidity and do NOT open the incubator until all the hatching eggs Hatch.
    My first time I ever hacthed eggs (A couple years ago) I had no idea. And I didn;t even have water in the incubator until like day 10! And I had 6 chicks hatch from that. so I think your fine [​IMG]

    The egg should not be 100% dark. you need to be able to see the air sac. if you don't see the air sac its probably not alive.
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    Hi Rachel, well good luck, you may be pleasantly surprised.
    Yes, stop the turning.You may see the eggs rocking or hear cheeping from inside the egg.
    Yes add a couple of sponges, nicely soaked to up the humidity.
    No, don't open the incubator unless you absolutely have to after today.

    The chicks will (fingers crossed) make a little hole...the pip, and then go all around the shell in order to get out...the zip. This can take 24 hours or more, so be patient.
    The chick will be exhausted and wet but will eventually dry up and start to move.
    Chicks do not need food or water for 48 hours so do not be in a rush to open the incubator.

    Wait until most of the eggs that you think are going to hatch have done so, then move the chicks to a brooder. (Personally I take them out very quickly when the area is getting littered with egg shells or there's a problem)

    Good Luck,


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