day 18 w my broody hen and she laid an egg...??


7 Years
Feb 5, 2012

I have a Silkie who is setting on 5 eggs. I have her in a dog kennel in our chicken coop.
She has fresh food/water and has left the "broody poops" behind every day. Today I went to check on her (and clean the rest of the coop) and there was an egg in her feed dish.?? She didn't move at all while I was in the coop, still in her Tupperware nesting box, in the kennel, inside the coop...what is going on?
I also checked with our local country store and they will be getting day old's in on Wednesday so I was thinking if nothing else I was going to buy 3 or 4 of them and stick them under her at night on Wednesday. But now after finding an egg in her feed dish, I don't know what to think???

(FYI: there is no possible way another hen get into the dog kennel and laid an egg, it's a full wire cage)

Just because your broody laid an egg does not mean your eggs will not hatch. Just wait until the eggs hatch and go from there. The extra egg, most likely is not fertile, and should be removed and eaten by you. You can sneak in new chicks under your broody , but best at night.
WISHING YOU BEST...... :thumbsup

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