Day 19 and low temp!!

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  1. Yesterday was day 18 so I took the chicken eggs out of the turner and put them back in the Hovabator 1620N. I check the temperature and it is 97 degrees. Could that have hurt the unhatched chicks? [​IMG]

    The incubator was a constant 99-100 degrees the first 18 days. Then as soon as I remove the turner it is lower. I think because the turner held in the warmth and since it was gone it gets cooler. right? So i adjusted the temp, well see.
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    They will be fine, the motor from the turner also produces heat so that happens often. Happy hatching, Jenn
  3. Okay. That is what I got to thinking, the motor producing heat. Thanks
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    The turner holds the eggs higher and when you take the turner out the eggs are in a lower area which is cooler in a still air incubator:)btw it wont hurt them at all to be a little low temp for a while!
  5. I cant wait for them to pip. Hopefully when I get up in the morning I will have some pips, or even a chick. Bantams sometimes hatch on day 20, a day earlier than the standard breeds. I have silkies, sebrights (silver), and mixed bantam eggs in there. I am so exicted. I will update if I get any pips tomorrow.
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    THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY GOOD!!!!!!! The reason being is because the tchig chicks* actually make their own heat! at about 3/4 fo of the time, you must turn the tme temperature down! This will be a very GOOD hatch.

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  7. Day 20- and no pips

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