Day 2 - Help! Baby chick cheeping and keeps preening butt

Jonas Fox

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Sep 20, 2018
Southern California
I cleaned all my chicks vent area earlier today, each with mild poo only near their vents. Tonight all of a sudden one of my chicks seemed to be cheeping a lot. The rest are sleeping and this one keeps trying to preen her but every few seconds or so. The cheeping will come and go but the preening seems pretty constant.

I checked her vent and everything looks clear. Any ideas what might be going on?

Oh, and I have seen her poop fine since this happened. She also seems to be scratching her cheeks like they're bothering her as well. I can't make sense out of it.

Thanks for all the help fam!
It's the next morning. My chicky seems much better today. I had a tiny bit of grapeseed oil around the vent to keep things clean. All the other chicks seemed fine. I think there was just fur clumped and she didn't like how it pulled on her.
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What did you clean them with? Maybe she is having an allergic reaction or mild skin irritation from it.
Try rinsing the vent area again. If you didn't use Epsom salt for the bath try that now.

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