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    Nov 30, 2007
    I already have a bunch of chicks! we set 57 ameraucana eggs and 3 buff rock eggs, tomorrow is day 21 but they have been pipping and hatching since yesterday on day 19. They have been in my new 1502 incubator and every hatch has been the same way in it. start to pip and hatch on day 19. I love this incubator. we have had so far great hatches. out of 120 eggs we had set 3 weeks ago 97 hatched not bad I don't think out of the first 60 we set 51 hatched. I use my own eggs and to be honest some of them were almost 3 weeks old and they hatched some of the most healthy chicks I have ever had
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    Yay! [​IMG] Keep that bator for sure! I've never used a bator, but let two broodies hatch out some chicks. They pipped and started hatching on day 19 as well. Your bator sounds like a great one!
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    Nov 30, 2007
    ive got a sportsman 1502 and a brinsea octagon 20 advance both are going all the time. we also have a sportsman 1550 hatcher so that helps alot

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