Day 20!


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7 Years
May 23, 2012
Alfred, ON
Alright, so I'm at day 20 of incubation, and I haven't seen any movement or pipping, heard anything either :s

Should I be concerned? I stuck them in lockdown a couple days ago and it's KILLING ME, i wanna candle them but I'm told I'm not allowed to open up the bator :(

Before I stuck them in lockdown they were kicking about really well when I candled them, so I don't know if I should be concerned cause they seemed pretty energetic :s
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the guy told me they were white orpinton, and it's my first time incubating :D

it's overwhelmingly exciting and yet at the same time, incredibly stressful lol

I've got 25 eggs in the bator and I only noticed 4 or 5 to not be fertile when I initially candled them, but at this juncture I'll be happy if half hatch

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