Day 21, and Broody has a surprise!

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  1. The first time this new mom went broody, she had a heck of a time in her nest box, it was too slippy! While trying to make small adjustments to her position, she probably slipped a leg and crushed an egg. I eventually rescued the last of her eggs and incubated the remainder. She is a very clean broody, so I installed carpet in her nest box [​IMG]

    From her first batch of eggs, we got these guys [​IMG] the bigger one came out of its shell like a firecracker!


    So, mama was still broody, and looked extremely content with the upgrade to her nest box. And today is day 21! I was hoping they'd hatch today, and sure enough I hear peeping!!! She's got three eggs, it would be wonderful if they all make it! So for now, this is all I can see. She wont oblige and show me the baby yet [​IMG]


    The chick peeped and this was her reaction


    I can't wait for babies!! Ohh better put the chick feeder in!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. She did a wee shuffle and I got to see

    You can see all three eggs, not clear tho [​IMG] I think there must be another pipped because there seems to be a couple of voices hehe
  4. [​IMG]
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    How exciting!

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