Day 21 and we have pips and a baby.

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  1. As some of you know I lost all the birds I hatched over the last month due to a predator this week. It was just devastating. I have jersey Giants from maria hall pipping today, so far just one but it's been a little quiet around here and glad I have more babies coming. Dh built me a predator proof brooder similar to one he saw on the internet and it is drying from stain from last night so my babies have a safe place to live for the first month of so.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your birds [​IMG] but good luck with the hatch and hooray for dh building you a stronger brooder.
  3. we have one blue splash baby, and is she big and two more pips. We are also hatching blue and cuckoo marans but they are a day behind.
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