Day 21 for a silkie & mutt combo hatch


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
I put these babies in on Feb 28th at 8:28pm - not that I have a well documented diary on this hatch or anything...

I am DYING, and I do mean DYING to see a silkie chick up close and personal. I started with 18 eggs. Was pretty sure I had 12 viable ones about half way through, and then when I candled on the 18th day, I think 2 more had quit on me. So I'm hoping for 10 silkie chicks - though I left the other eggs in too, just in case I'm wrong. I also put in 8 of my own mixed eggs. I wanted to have a few in there that weren't shipped just in case the shipped eggs poop-out on me, I still might get a few new fuzzy-buggers. I'd hate to have hand-turned all this time and end up with absolutely NUTHIN'. Ya know?

I was gone most of today, but when I returned, guess what? A silkie pip! And the chick talks to me when I talk to her. I'm on my way now! So I'm going to pop some popcorn
and put in a movie. Then I'm going to sit down with that bator at my side til somebody decides to jump out and meet me.
Woo hoo
Such fun! Don't worry, updates and pictures will follow.
This is day 21 for my silkies and showgirls too! So far I have 2 red silkies and 1 splash showgirl! Any updates on your hatch yet?
wow i know the suspense is killing you lol i know i would be. i cant wait til day 21 so that i can hear those cute little peeps lol. well you definately have to post some pics as soon as you can i cant wait to see those cuties
Well, the early pipper is proving to be a slow hatcher.

I stared at these eggs last night until my eyes were killing me, and finally went to bed with just that one pip. I woke up once in the middle of the night and came down to peek and I had 2 pips, (no further progress on the first one either.) Then, this was the first day of the kids' spring break, and they are both spending the night with friends, so -- miracle of miracles -- I SLEPT IN UNTIL 8:00AM! Normally, I would be rejoicing in this, but when I finally woke up and saw what time it was, I panicked a bit - sure I missed all the action in the bator.
I ran downstairs to find ONE fuzzy black silkie chirping and flopping around. And it wasn't from either of the previously pipped eggs. He must've been a quick one! There is a little progress on the first two pips AND three more pips as well. So... current status:
ONE hatched
FIVE pipped
Status is still: One hatched, five pipped, but here's some photos to peek at while I continue to watch and wait.

This is the first pip, not a very clear picture to be sure, but by golly, it's a crack!

And here it is! Silkie chick #1! What a cute little booger, eh?

While I'm at it, here's a shot of one of the cuckoo marans that hatched out on Monday:

Okay - back to watching the bator...
yeahhhh !!! how exciting your on a roll. i hope that i am so lucky! as it looks now we are doing good with the 3 that i ahve but who knows. that little black guy is adorbale. i think im in love hahahahah
Ack! I don't know what's going on! I had 4 silkies hatch. They seemed to be doing well and then bam! One of the healthiest looking ones dropped dead, and that cute little black one? Well he started going downhill too, and at this point, I'll be surprised if he makes it. So far the other two look okay and another silkie just hatched, so we'll see how it does. Then one of my eggs hatched and that one has some sort of issue where it looks like his insides developed outside his body. Obviously, that one's in big trouble... Another of mine also hatched, but it looks to be strong and healthy (at this point.) So of seven hatched chicks, one is dead and two more probably will be. This hatch is killing me! Hope those were just flukes and things will be fine from here on out. On a positive note, one of the eggs that I candled and thought was a quitter - but kept in the bator just in case - just pipped. So there's one I wasn't expecting to hatch... This one is a roller coaster ride. I was SO excited about these silkies and then I've been so crushed about losing the one and probably these other two.
oh no!
i have no idea why this would happen buy i am very sorry.
(they aren't on cedar chips are they? those can cause breathing problems so if you are using cedar pull that stuff out right away!)
sometimes chicks have problems on the inside that we can't see.
i know that is little consolation.
hang in there and please keep posting the story of your hatch.

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