Day 21- no pipping or babys yet...

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    I decided to let my hens hatch out some chicks. At first, one of my bantams set on the clutch (several different hens had laid eggs in the nesting box) but she was booted by one of my buffs who has continued to set on the eggs. When I decided to let them hatch out- I marked them 8/17. According to my calculations this is now day 22. I did candle them last night and there is movement and large air pockets.

    My question is- since it is day 22 and I notice no pipping, has the early confusion about which hen would keep the clutch delayed the process? I know there are 9 eggs that are good.

    I am getting very impatient!! [​IMG]
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    Broody hens aren't as precise as incubators. Every incubator hatch I've done has been over by day 22 at the latest.
    But the one time I had a broody hen hatch out some eggs, it took her 26 days! Don't worry too much, just sit tight and wait.
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    I wondered if it was longer with a broody. I don't have an incubator and agreed to do this because my daughter wanted to SO bad... now it is me who cannot stand this wait!!

    Thank you fo the advice. I will keep my nose out of mama's business for a few more days! [​IMG]

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