Day 21-no sounds, no pips, no nothing!


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Mar 26, 2008
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I am a newbie to all of this. This is our first try at hatching. We are so excited, prayed everyday for the chicks, and when we candled, saw life in 20/24 eggs. My questions are these...1) Is it normal for day 21 to not see any evidence of movement..pipping etc? 2) When we removed the auto turner, I asked my husband to shut off our humidifier which is in the room with the I could hear the chicks! Now I'm wondering if the humidity loss could have effected the babies. Sorry to be's my very first post and I'm about to start sobbing thinking about losing these little ones. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
P.S. Welcome to BYC too! I'm a former Coloradan from Denver!
We filled the bottom of the incubator with water, but I believe that the windows may have been releasing the humidity. I just pushed down on the windows ( I didn't realize that they were"up" a bit. As soon as I did that, they started showing signs of humidity in the windows. I think the moisture was escaping without us realizing it. That's probably bad isn't it?
well.... just be patient and don't open that bator!!!!! some times they are stubborn and it may take a little longer. I wish you good luck and keep us posted!!!!
Not necessarily, you have to have a little bit of circulating air too. We can actually go through this together, I'm on day 21 too with six banty eggs as well, started with a doz but after candling found only six actively growing. 2 have pipped this morning and another is rocking and peeping but I can't see any pip yet. Three show no activity yet. It's hard to just sit and wait but it can take up to 24 hrs to hatch once they've pipped and I've heard they can be late too, like any baby, so to quote "newnanchic", be patient. PM me if needed!
Thank you for your encouragement. Patience has never been one of my strengths. This was supposed to be a homeschool project for my 2 little ones...I believe that God has taught me more in the last 21 days than I'd ever thought I'd learn. Kim
weird how he does that huh? lol . yeah just be patient also if your temps were a little low they might take a little longer then noraml. i wouldnt worry too much if i was you .
All of my hatches have been small groups, today will be my third hatch....heres is an example of irregular first group hatch due the 14th of March was 3 eggs, two hatched, 1 on the 13th and the 2nd one on the 14th, third didn't hatch....Second group, 3 eggs again, due the 16th, one hatched at 1:00 a.m. with intervention on the 17th but later died....2nd on hatched at 6:00 p.m. on the 17th both a day late. Third egg never hatched. So I have a 3 out of 6 for those two I'm waiting on 6 due today! heres a pic of my first three....

From left to right...Pistol 3/13(the early bird) Norbert 3/17 & Bandit 3/14
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