Day 21

Try not to worry, 21 days is just a guide.
When you set your eggs did you count the day you set as day 1 or did you count day 1 after a full 24 hours of incubation? Have your temps been ok during incubation?
Still air 99-102 with one little temp spike of 110 bit it was small and I set them the 1

If you set them the 1st you're actually on day 22 :( Did you candle after the temp spike to verify that they were still alive?

Since at times your temps were on the low end, they might just be late due to that.
By Day 22 you should be getting signs of life (chirping, tapping shell, etc.). I wouldn't give up hope yet-- they might just be taking a bit longer to get going. You should candle them to see if there is movement inside the eggs.

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