Day 22 - 8 hatched, 2 no movement - candled pics attached

Oct 11, 2021
This is our first time incubating. We had 11 eggs, 8 hatched on day 20. It’s day 22 and we have 2 left (1 was bad so we removed it). When we candled it you can see the air sac, but no movement. Any chance they’re still good?


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Sep 13, 2021
Central Arkansas
It can be hard and stressful. In my first hatch I had 7 eggs. Two were infertile. One died about day 10 and the other around day 18 to 20. The other 3 hatched and I am now looking for a home for the roo I hatched. If they don't hatch, which it is looking like they will not, do an eggtopsy where you open the egg and see. Although if you can't handle gross I wouldn't do it. If you want I have a pic of one of my eggtopsy of what you will probably find.

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