Day 22 for 26 eggs we have lots of pips cute babies.

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  1. I originally started with 36 eggs. They are cuckoo marans, blue andulsians, buff orps and welsummers. There were 5 broken, the other 5 were either unfertile or blood rings. The rest extremely active babies. I have to work a double shift, daughters home from college and hopefully by tomorrow night I will get a few pips.
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    i got my fingers crossed [​IMG]
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    Good luck with your hatch.
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    May 17, 2007
    Anything yet?
  5. Nothing yet, saw a lot of movement so I think we will see somehting later today. I hope. I peeked real fast at two eggs since humidity was at 72% and the are just hitting the air cell, but lots of movement.
  6. Thats good. But DONT peek anymore. [​IMG]
  7. I won't I just had to peek but now hands down!
  8. I finally got a pip this morning and we have 4 chicks and 10 more pips. It seems like everytime I look there's another pip. I guess these guys are late bloomers. So far we have 2 cuckoo marans and one welsummer and one blue andulusian.
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  9. Congrats. I have 23 Silkie, Silver Sebright, and mixed bantam eggs on day 20. I had to add more water to the incubator and the sponge in the incubator, so I candled a couple eggs quick, and some chicks are pipping through the air sac, and others are through the air sac and pecking on the shell. Hopefully when I wake up there will be some chicks or some pips. I also have a goose egg on day 26 that the gosling has pipped though the air sac and is pecking on the egg. [​IMG]
  10. day 23 and we have 14 chicks and two are pipping and we have some rocking yet. I did get two dead chicks, they could not quite pip out of the shell. As long as there is movement I will keep waiting.

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