Day 22 No Babies Yet

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    Apr 5, 2013

    I have a broody hen so I bought 6 fertilized eggs and put them under her. I had plans to candle and fuss but then I broke my ankle so my husband and son have been feeding the flock for three weeks. Every so often I hobble out there with a bread bag on my cast and take the extra eggs away from my little mama but that is about all I have been able to manage.

    I swear the last two times I have been in there I have heard chirping when I enter the coop but when I lift the door on the nesting box it stops. Don't know if I am imagining things or not...

    It is day 22 and no babies yet. I live in Arizona... maybe too dry?

    Little mama has been an avid setter since early July and now she seems to be spending more time off the next. Not sure what to do next...

    This little project has gotten away from me at this point due to circumstances beyond my control. I don't want to give up and throw them away if there is still hope... ?
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    If you have heard chirping then all is well. Maybe you calculated your hatch date from the day you set the eggs? If so, then this would only be day 21 so, in the next 24 hours or so they should have hatched.


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