Day 22 NO Chicks


12 Years
Aug 17, 2007
How much hope do you give them? Should I pull the plug tonight???
How long do I wait? Would they still hatch if I can only get my humidity to 50%? I have tried everything and cannot get above 50%.
youve put wet sponges or socks in the incubator? the problem with that is that even if they do try to come out they might not be able to make it without their membranes drying out. but i definately would give them a couple more days. if your temperature was even just a little low that could delay the hatch so i would juts be patient hahahahhah i now easier said then done huh?
Candle them and see if they have internally pipped the air cell. If you have had any low temo they can go until day 25 and still hatch.
I have small dish of water and wet rag, with all bator trays full and still no luck.

As a last resort I even stood one of my Ideal chicks on top of the bator to try and talk the others into coming out!
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dont give up on them ive just had my first hatch 10 days late i ended up just puttng a warm wet rag in bator for humidity
good luck
This could drive a person to drink!

I had my kids put a sock in the bator earlier and they said the hum is up to 55%, they left the bowl and rag in there as well. I have been driving them crazy texting them all day to check the bator #'s and report back because they are on spring break and I am at work.

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