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    Jan 5, 2013
    Hi all.
    I am now on day 22 , and so far three have pipped and only one lived. The rest are showing no signs a all . They were candled a week a go by a old timer of incubating chickens and his opinion was of the 42 in his opinion 37 were good.
    So what do I do as there are no signs , no pipping.. do i intervein or just leave it.
    I should mention that when the first three hatched they all dried ut quickly and because of good advise of this site I saved one.
    The humidity is good but I dont want to think I could have done some thing >>

    whats your thoughts guys xx
  2. chickarooo

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    Aug 21, 2013
    i say u should just make a little whole in the eggs and see if the chick is wriggling if it is take a little more of the eggs shell off and see what happens if it dries up help the chick out and once u got them out put them in the incubator if they start to bleed when your cutting leave them for a little and then try again. I have had a successful hatch of 5/5 and i had to help 3 of the 5 chicks hatch GOOD LUCK[​IMG]
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  3. Personally I would leave it all, some eggs will even take up to 25 days to hatch ( my own experience ).
    Late comers are not uncommon.

    With the drying out, I am really not sure. Hopefully some one more knowledgeable can help you out.

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