Day 23 and No Pipping


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Jun 28, 2018
So here is the story. My husband and I are both new to chickens and ducks. We were actually getting rid of all our chickens, finding that we find ducks more enjoyable, when our neighbor's bantam chickens laid a clutch of twelve in our straw pile! We couldn't afford an incubator, but we had a thermometer and a heating lamp, and tried it that way. We have watched six of the twelve develop, and stopped turning them at 18 days of incubation. But here we are on day 23, and can't hear or see anything. The temperature has been fluctuating between 99 and 102 degrees, and I have no way of telling the humidity, though the ducks eggs have also been developing right along, so I'm guessing its fine. We candled them once since day 18, which was yesterday, to see if perhaps something had gone wrong. The air sack appeared quite large to us, but looking through pictures others have posted either here or on google, it isn't too large. But we have no cracks in the eggs, have heard no sounds and we can't see any movement when we candle them. Have we lost them? We understand that the likelihood of any of them hatching was low to start with, just from the way we did it, but at this point should we call it quits? Is there any hope of these eggs hatching?

Note: The ducks eggs we are incubating alongside the bantam eggs seem to be developing just fine. And there is movement from the duck eggs. The bantam eggs were quite wiggly before, just not now.

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