Day 23 - chicken eggs


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May 2, 2020
Ok, so had 21 eggs in incubator, 18 have hatched and are doing awesome. 3 eggs still in incubator. Nothing, no pips, movement etc. So I candles them, can see the air cell and no internal pips that I can see. So float tested them. Each egg floats with about 10% floating but zero movement. Are they done or should we try another 25 hours. Incubator is starting to smell a bit.


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Apr 11, 2017
SW Nebraska
If they eggs themselves don't have a bad smell, then I would give them until at least day 23. And it sounds a bit silly, but have you heard of the ring test or nail test where you attach a metal ring or a nail to a piece of string and hold it over a pregnant woman's tummy? I have been doing an experiment on accuracy of determining gender of chicks with this test and have found it to be very accurate on determining if an egg is clear, a quitter, or dead in shell - the nail will move in a line or a circle over an egg that still has a live chick in it but will not move at all over an egg that is clear, a quitter, or dead in shell.

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