Day 23 no signs yet


8 Years
May 27, 2011
Today is day 22/3 and there are no signs of hatching yet. There was some egg rocking on Monday, but nothing since. One egg pipped on wednesday but hasn't zipped. AHHHHH!!!! any advice?Right now, the plan is to leave them in there till next friday.
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LOL, I don't know about next friday, that might be a bit much, haha, but if you have some pip action and egg movement and your temp & humidity have all been good then you should have a few hatch out, I would think. But I such at hatching so don't mind me....
LOL Yeah I know, but I have nothing to loose and I have another set in there that should hatch on I figured I'll just toss the bad ones all at temprature while they where in the turner was 101 steady for 18 days. When they where removed and set on the floor of the incubator the temp becam 98.4 constant from then on. The Humidity was 45-50-ish for the first 18 and 68-75 ish for the rest of the time

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