day 23 still nothing


8 Years
May 1, 2011
im starting to get impatiant now no wiggles but one of the eggs has moved over night not were i put him but nothing wiggles,pip,zips nothing
the eggs seem to be closer together this morning so maybe some movement overnight but none that i can see just did a very quick candle and all in good
i just pick the egg up in the same position it in in the bator and stuck the light on so i didnt really move the egg but still a little movement
fingers crossed
i have 3 in there and there all about 99 maybe its a degree or so out but im having great trouble trying to raise it if i put a little hot water in there it goes out the roof if i put a warm jar in there it goes out the roof i have all the vents closed the hum is 50/60 and a towel over the window
have you candled to see ?
what makes you feel there nothing going to happen?

im going to be patient with mine i give them till friday
Nope i didnt candle.I want to be surprised (lol).
I will give them till wednesday,2 more days.
I am pretty sure because well,the hen threw one out of the nest and i shaked it a little bit and it looked like the dead ones you know?The ones that move from side to side because they are DEAD.
I dont know they still have 10% from me.
Plus I dont really care about getting it.I am doing for the sake of it.But I have to admit i really want some but even if they dont hatch I am not going to kill myself...
I'm on day 23 of my first hatch using a still-air, so I'm no expert, but... I found that when I added warm water to control humidity, even though the temp jumped, that's when I would start to see new pips. Maybe give it a try?
Best of luck!

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