Day 24 chicks still live


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
First time broody, sitting on four eggs. All still alive as they all rocked in water test. A friend who has kept and bred chickens for years made a hole in the air sac end of the egg to see if the chick was stuck. There are still blood vessels visible, membrane intact so she said leave it under hen.

I am concerned that this broody is taking so long. No peeps or anything. But chicks are still alive. Could it be that they are taking longer to develop due to her being first broody.

I have had late hatches under broody hens, one chick only showed up on day 25. So it does happen, it's unusual for an entire clutch of eggs to be this late though. I don't think it's got anything to do with her experience, but it's possible that she may have let the eggs cool down too much and/or too frequently, thus delaying the hatch. Fingers crossed they will hatch o.k. for you!
She booted that one out of the nest and unfortunately it died. But looking at the development stage, the yolk sac had still not been absorbed. It was fully formed though so I guess it was at stage 18-19 day development. This means they are developing very slowly. So I guess more sitting and waiting!
if it got booted the hen may have been trying to find food for the chick and was scratching around and booted it by accident.
OMG! It is 03:46, I have just come down to make a cup of tea, and heard a cheep! The end is nigh at last! Now I can relax. Thank you for all your advice everyone, it has helped enormously. Don't think I will let this hen go broody again though!
This is so strange. The two eggs hatched, but the last egg is still not hatched. Mum was not sitting properly so as it was cooling, put it into the incubator. Just checked the egg, I can hear the chick cheering inside the egg. It is still alive. Will it hatch in the next few hours? I have a small bowl of water in the incubator, do I leave it in or out, first time for me using incubator and I really don't want to naff up in this late stage. If anyone can advise ASAP please help.
Thanks Rosie
I had this happen to me 4 weeks ago now, my broody hatched 2 babies and one didn't and she kept getting up, so I took the egg and put it in the incubator at 37 degrees Celsius and humidity between 55% and 60%.
It hatched 2 days later and I then gave it back to momma chicken! She took the chick and they are all good :)
Hatched safe and sound in the incubator. Took 20 mins from first crack of shell to complete hatch in the incubator. When it was almost dry put it under broody, who gave it a small peck, then it dived under her and has been accepted very well.
Does anyone know the longest incubation recorded for a chicken? This chick got to day 30 and there is still one to hatch!

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