Day 25 and nothing how long do I let her sit???


12 Years
May 9, 2008
On May 5, I found my silkie nesting on two eggs. I do have a rooster so I am assuming they were fertile.
I read that they should hatch in 21 days give or take 2 or 3 days either way.
Nothing yet..How long do I give her before I pull the eggs out!!
Thanks for your help!!
I would pull them and candle them. I had a cochin banny that could get out of the coop and decided to make her nest on the counter in our garage. We let her because she was so cute. She was stilling on 6 eggs and the day there were suppose to hatch I check and there were no eggs there! We never found them, but she stayed and stayed and stayed for days after that. Finally we had to put ice under her for her to leave!!
I candled them and from what I see the egg is very dark near and near the tip it has what I presume is a air sack..So I do I let her continue to sit and if so for how long?

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