day 25 for my silkie eggs

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    And not a single pip. I am so bummed. they were doing pretty well, even up to day 19 or so. ANd i was pretty sure i saw something day 23. But I don't think I will have any of these hatch from the looks of things. I could cry [​IMG]

    I have a few mutts from the farmers market eggs in there on day 19 right now, so maybe one of those will hatch.

    DH said i could order some day olds from Ideal. So i will have some babies, but...really...I wanted these boogers to hatch. I don't know what I am gonna do.
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    You should try making a hole in the air sac end of one of the eggs, to see if the chick is moving.
    I know the other day you said you thought you had seen some moving. I hope you were right and get lots of babies! [​IMG]
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    welcome to my world......

    At the beginning of summer I lost over 20 something eggs.... at the end of summer I lost another dozen or so..... two weeks ago, I had to throw out 28 infertile eggs......

    With the amount of people complaining that they have had bad, or no hatches this year, I am quite convinced that there is something going on atmospherically that is affecting everyone.
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    Awwww, so sorry !!!!! Did your temps drop at all day 1-18 that would of made them late ??

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