Day 25... OMG Really?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by mandelyn, Nov 17, 2010.

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    This has now become the weirdest hatch of my life. I am buying a digital temp guage. Somehow mine that I calibrated, fell out of calibration. It had to of. A low temp is the only reason THEY would STILL be going!

    Last night, I went to break one open and toss them all. I mean, come on, day 24? really? I wanted my husband to learn and he's been involved with this hatch too for the first time. So I let him do the breaking.

    I was just going to knock it on the side of an empty jar, so I could look and put a lid on it when I was done. He wanted practice (good thing!) and carefully nicks away at the shell, starting in the air cell.

    We saw a small-ish chick, furry looking. Went for the membrane, no movement. Blood! Ah! STOP! We both look, and it moves. So I grab it back and put it back into the incubator, with a giant gaping hole in the top. This was last night.

    This morning, if I wait long enough at the window, there is movement. So we didn't kill it. It's been 12 hours since we messed with it.

    I think what has to happen, because it is now effectively "shrink wrapped" in a way, as soon as I see the blood not actively in the membrane anymore, I need to make a breathing hole? Humidity is on point right now, and I really don't want to pull it out and ruin it.. but I don't want it stuck either.

    I wish it would have moved when I candled it! But it's still alive because of husband teaching. I would have unknowingly killed it.

    So here we are, day 25, with visibility into one of the eggs to watch movement. Geeze. There's a first for everything, no matter how many eggs you've hatched. Next hatch, I'm going digital.
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    Wow! I hope it makes it!
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    Well, you might drip some warm water on the exposed membrane, to wet it up again. I've done that...

    I have an egg that's peeping, no pip, on day 25, myself. Four others hatched, and 3 of those hatched on days 22 and 23. I'm at work now, so if I hear peeping tonight, I'm gonna try to isolate which of the four "leftover" eggs is the live one and babysit it tonight.
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    Yup, temps too low.

    Good luck.

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