Day 26 Rocking egg


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Early this morning the egg is rocking and again when i get home at lunch. Its day 26 and a cayuga ducks egg. My others all died early on so its a lone egg. This is my first time hatching ducks via incubator the humidity is at 75 percent should i raise it im fearful of drowning the little guy in the shell i have had that happen in the past with chickens with to high of humidty. The temp is steady at 99.5. Any tips i really want this little guy to hatch he/she will be the only poultry pet ever i have had there usually food at my house but the kids really wanna keep this one plus it traveled a long long ways and the caygua breed isnt easily came by in my area so any tips at this point are greatly apperciated its a very exciting/nervous time at my house we are all watching anxiously.
I have no idea (I've never hatched ducks), but I sure hope things go well, and that you post pictures when he/she is out.
So day 27 no movement no nonthing is this normal? Its hard to sit after seeing it moving so wildly for a day or 2. When should i be concerened about if its gonna hatch or if it isnt. According to my candling and past hatches of chickens atleast i have always had a day or 2 early hatch.
When I had Chick Eggs, there was an Egg that rocked for a few days and then stopped. That particular Egg didn't hatch, but I'm not going to say for sure that it is your case. I'd say wait a few more days. So it is a Cayuga? It varies depending on your breed. Some take near 35 days! I'm sure if yours was rocking, it's either an impatient little fellow, or it is one that should hatch in a few days. Don't be worrying- I'm sure you'll see it come out soon! :) Good luck!
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