Day 26 under broody Pekin Bantam water test positive.

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    May 30, 2016
    Warwickshire, England
    My broody pekin bantam had 11 eggs placed under her 26 days ago, yes 26 days ago.
    Now we all know the feeling: after 21-23 days if nothing's doing, then usually it's over.
    However, I left her on the eggs, as they are very expensive Sonnerat's grey jungle fowl x 5 and 6 silver sebright bantam eggs; more in hope than anything else.
    Just slipped my much pecked hand under her and taken out 5 eggs for the water test. 2 of the 5 eggs wiggled like a wiggle worm.
    So do not give up on your eggs after 21 days AND ALWAYS PERFORM THE WATER TEST.
    I've put the above delay down to myself being too ambitious: 11 bantam sized eggs under the bantam is perhaps too many, and I think some have been chilled but not killed due to the broody not being able to cover them properly, hence the delayed development.
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    Jun 18, 2013
    Thats great! Did they hatch?? any updates?

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