Day 28 - any hope for breech chick?


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Hi everyone,
I've been posting on my three pilgrim eggs' incubation progress. Two have externally pipped, and appear to be in the resting phase. The problem is with the third egg. It never did draw down properly, almost not at all, but it has continue to rock in the incubator so I know he's still alive. Just before I locked down after the other two externally pipped, I took another look at the lagging egg. There has never been any movement or shadowing noted at the air cell end, and it occurred to me to check the other end. There is a lot of activity on that end, and it's not darkened as in the other two eggs; it appears that there is sort of an opaque, yellowish fluid at the end through which I can visualize the moving chick. (My descriptive powers are failing me on this! Sorry.) I'm assuming that what I'm seeing may be the chick in a breech position? If so, is there any hope for this little one or is he done for? Does anyone know of any assistance that I could/should be offering as time goes on? Such a helpless feeling to see him so active in there with no way out. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hiya I hatch a lot and they sometimes do end up at the wrong end. I'd just leave it chances are it will hatch just fine on it's own. If it does pip and after 24/48 hours it's made no progress you may need to help it a bit.


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Hi Blefky

Yes there is hope for this third egg. It must have externally pipped at the pointed end. As there is some excess fluid oozing my advise is to slightly enlarge the pipped area to leave a clear access hole approx 5mm diameter maximum. Use boiled cooled water and clean the excess fluid and if you can see the beak then clear any mucous from immediately around it.

Hopefully you will have a clear area through which the gosling can breathe. Then place the egg into lockdown conditions and waiting for the gosling to start hatching. Do not intervene too early and wait for the other eggs to hatch before you start to worry.


2 Breech Dewlap eggs in lockdown.


Assisting a breech 40 hours after pipping. Only small amount of shell and membrane are removed a little at a time.

Hope that helps and if you click below my avatar to 'View My BYC Page' you'll find links to other helpful threads there.


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