day 28 guinea humidity

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    Mar 29, 2011
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    Hello... I am starting to panic. i have an LG still air stryofoam. Its day 28 with guineas.. I had one pip through last night, and I have been so worried about the humidity being too low, I helped him. He seems to be ok, he was not ready thats for sure, there was no blood or yolk, but i didnt realilze about he needed that strenghening hatching entails.. he does seem like he will be ok, just weak still. My problem is I am worried about the other 9 eggs and the humidity issue with opening up the bator several times last night to get the chick, and once today to add a sponge. I cant get it above 68%. There doesnt seem to be any action going on with these other eggs. Is it worse to open it to add a hot sponge, or leave the humidity low? I have tried adding water with a straw its not working.. im worried the humidity was too low Day 25, 26, ect... open and add sponge? please help soon.[​IMG]

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