Day 3 Candeling Pics! I finally have something baking! Yay!!!


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Mar 25, 2015
After 2 clutches since April and only one successful chick and all the other eggs being dudes. I finally have 3 eggs that look like there is an embryo growing inside! I didn't hold much hope for these eggs because they were a last minute went to my friends house who I got my 1st set of eggs from to drop off our one and only chick back to her and she offered us eggs to eat. Her husband thought he would help us out and get the eggs for me. Only he took them from under their broody hens who he didn't realizes was brooding! Luckily my friend realized what he had done! She has never dealt with incubating eggs (she always let the hens do everything) so she had no idea what to do. So to help out I candled all of them and out of 36 eggs 26 had live chicks inside and one was already piping! We quickly put all the eggs with chicks back under the hens and made sure to put the piped one pip up. Unfortunately all the others we have no idea how they were positioned, so hopefully they will be ok. After collecting the eggs she originally wanted to give us to eat she didn't know what to do with the eggs from under the hens that looked clear. She said that she thought they kept laying even though they were all ready incubating some so I decided to take them and see if I could incubate them. I had no idea how long the eggs had been under the hens so they could have all been duds as well, that's why I didn't hold much hope for them. When I got them home I quickly disinfected my incubator with vinegar and set the eggs, but they had been cool for over 2 hours by then. So last night on day 3 of incubation I just candled them for the fun of it not thinking anything would be cooking and to my surprise I found 3 of my 9 eggs have very visible embryo's growing inside! I know they are new because I candled them twice the day I got them and there was nothing going on inside! The rest of the eggs shells are making it harder for me to see anything and it is also only day 3! lol I just super excited that I could see anything at all! This is the first time I have seen anything before day 11! Here are some edited pictures of the embryo's!

Egg #4!

Egg #8!

Egg #9!
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Apr 15, 2015
Sharon sc
YAY BABIES IN THE MAKING!!! I am currently on day 6 of our incubation journey, we candled on day 3 and are doing our next candle on day 7! SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

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