Day 33


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May 1, 2011
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We're on the 33rd day of incubating. Friday we had our first egg pip. Saturday we watched and watched. By evening there was a bit more showing and you could see movement from breathing. Sunday morning there was even more exposed. But at 2PM there was no more movement and more more sound. Gave it awhile, but after 5, I finally said he was done. None of the remaining four piped. I have not seen movement in any by candling or floating for two days or more. I'm guessing they have all expired. When I finally opened up the one that piped, there was hardly any yolk sack left.

These are Anconas. I still have some that I started a week later that still seem to be coming along. Though, since I have a broody chicken, I think I'll let her finish this batch.

Any advise?


Sorry to hear about the pipped egg and others not making it.

Here's a link to a thread I did earlier which has lots of advice.


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