day 7 blood ring egg with moving embryo? huh?? **UPDATED WITH PIC**


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Mar 15, 2010
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Its day 7 and I candled just now, It looks like one of my eggs has a definite blood ring but at the same time it looks as if the embryo is still moving around? I tried to hold very still thinking it was just me but I dont think it is. I will try to get a pic of it tonight when my hubster gets home to see what you all think.
Is the embryo facing a sure death? Or am I just seeing things? Has anyone else ever seen this?? I want to crack it open to see inside but not if there's any chance a baby is still alive in there!!

Is this a blood ring? There is a dark blob on top area of egg you can see it in pic, sometimes looks like its moving. Toss??

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I havent hatched any eggs of my own yet, but I've read a couple people mention they've had eggs with bloodrings hatch. I don't know how common it is, but I have two eggs with bloodrings and I'm not throwing them out just in case. I did however put them in a corner as far away from my other eggs as possible.
hard to tell from photo, sorry. does it look like it's wiggling of its own accord like a normal embryo? or does it kinda slowly move, as if it's a mass floating in a viscous liquid, shifting with gravity?
It does kind of look like its just floating
I opened one that I was sure was dead today and there was def a small embryo in there but not alive, it looked as if the membrane was kind of stuck to the inside shell of the that normal? or does that tell me my humidity is off?

Also it looked like the yolk had kinda been scrambled, kinda chunky, is this normal either??

These are shipped eggs so Im thinking maybe they just got a little too tossed around bc since they have arrived I let them rest overnight and put them straight in the bator with no other harsh movements.
Kinda sad, this is my first time attempting hatching and it looks like out of 11 eggs, only 1 or 2 have a moving veiny embryo inside, several also still look clear and its day 8.
That's a quitter. Toss it. At a day 7 incubation, there would be many very visible vessels present and a much larger embryo. It can be confusing when holding an egg to the light because human hand movement can cause the movement in the egg which can be mistaken for viability. Consider making a candling unit where you can set the egg on top and remove all hands, then watch for movement. Good luck with your remaining eggs.

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