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OK I am totally confused and been up since 4am trying to figure this out.... searching, looking at pictures.

I KNOW that BJG have Yellow feet and BA have pink/white feet (and skin). And you can tell when they are older.

BUT when you see them at about 2-4 days old, are the LEGS PINK/Whitish on the BA ??? I see videos of BA's on YT but many have yellow legs and the pics on hatcheries show yellow legs ???

Feathersite has pics of solid Pink legged chicks with very little black that look like day olds. The other pic on there is maybe closer to a week old and there is more black on the leg but I am not 100% sure on the other color.

ALSO, in the pink legged pic, one has more yellow on the face then the other. Is that any kind of indication of anything? Just curious.

I love the Feather site, when I had silkies back in 2003 they needed a pic of a Blue chick. The very bottom one on this link was mine :love but it turned out to be a roo.

They take any pic if you send it in, not sure if there is any culling of pics so you never know
I'm not a chicken color expert, but from what I hear hatchery Black Giants and Australorps are not bred to standard and can look very similar. I would look for show birds or a breeder of show birds to find an accurate photo.

I think the amount of yellow on the face doesn't matter. I've had black chicks and they tend to just have a random amount of yellow that goes away as they get feathers.

Cute silkie!!

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