Day Old Bobwhite Quail, Silkies, Marriums Turkey Chicks and Feed


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
Cincinnati, OHIO
Here at Rivers Reach Game Bird Farm we currently have day old chicks. Fayetteville OHIO,
1,000 BW Quail Chicks $1.00 ea
10 Silkie Chicks, White, Black and Blue buff All Bearded $12.00 ea
3 Marriums chicks left, $25.00 ea
The silkies and Turkeys are going quick! Get em while they last.

High 60% protein Specialty milled Organic feed available $12.00 per 50lbs
Corn, Soybeans, Soybean Hulls, Speltz, Fish Meal and Kelp Meal.
Oystershell can be added to any order for Egg layers.

This feed is great for Day old chicks to adult birds.
Our birds love it and we supply feed to other Orgainic bird farmers in the tristate area.
For more Info Contact Derek @ [email protected]
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our farm is pick up only but we do deliver to lexing ton depending on the amount of birds ordered for a added charge. How many would you be interested in purchasing and would you neef feed?

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