Day-old chick, can't walk control of his legs

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    I really didn't want to have to post anything in this soon!

    I just got my day-old chicks from Ideal yesterday and I'm having problems with a Packing Peanut (I think he's a BR roo). I noticed right away that he had poor leg control, very clumsy...hoped he would just get more coordinated in a few hours...but that didn't happen.

    He sits/lays with legs under him like normal...then carefully stands up a little wobbly (maybe a wide stance...maybe slightly spraddle-legged?), tries to take a step but then leans forward on his toes and runs full speed until he falls over or runs into something. He can't take a controlled step at all. He falls over a lot but can usually get back up, sometimes I have to help him if he's getting tired. He flops around a lot...using his wings to help him balance.

    He tries to eat and drink, but he's very clumsy about it all. I taped his legs yesterday for the possible spraddle-leg, and I'm giving him poly vi sol vitamins and scrambled eggs (he eats a little bit).

    Any suggestions about what's wrong, or anything else I should do for him?
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    Sounds like spraddle leg. they say it can take a couple weeks to fix.
  3. TXmom

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    I guess "spraddle-leg" can look a lot of different ways? Like I said, he puts his legs under him and can stand up, but runs/walks all crazy.

    Oh well, I just hope the tape helps. And I hope it doesn't take weeks...poor baby!
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    Are your chicks getting some electrolytes? I ask only because if one is having trouble it might be a simple problem caused by shipping dehydration. You could also offer him drops of dissolved electrolyte on his tongue, don't force it, or use diluted baby vitamins in case he needs a boost.

    And here is a link to some ongoing threads about what you are experiencing- hope it helps!
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  5. TXmom

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    Thanks...I don't have electrolytes specifically, but when I ordered them from Ideal, I got the Grogel-B (vitamins, protein, probiotics) and gave it to them. They all LOVED it and ate it like crazy. Of course, he is so clumsy that he probably got less than the others. I did offer some to him specifically and he ate a little...and I'm also already giving him Poly Vi Sol vitamins. He's not getting any better. He is almost completely out of control of himself.

    I'll go pick up some electrolyte stuff for the water from the feed store.
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    I had a new sex linked that fell over/staggered/ sat on her side and mostly was just clumsey. I considered culling her but she ate and drank O.K. and was not picked on. A couple months later she became the bigger/stronger/dominant hen of the 4, in a slow progression. No sign at all of a youth spent spastic.
  7. TXmom

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    Wow, that's really interesting! Maybe all that struggling helped her in some way. As the saying goes...What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. [​IMG]

    He does eat OK sometimes...when he's standing he tries pecking the food on the ground but it just makes him fall over. But if he's sitting down, he'll grab any crumbles that are in front of him...LOL. Sometimes he tries to go to the feeder, but then falls over or just has a problem actually positioning himself fine motor skills to line himself up with the holes and actually peck at the food. I just hate to see him struggle so much.

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