day old chick died


7 Years
Oct 6, 2012
I received 5 chicks from Meyer hatchery on 4-16. I have the brooder at 95 and everyone was looking good this morning. They were out an about and drinking and doing normal chick things. This is the 4Th time i have bought chicks(never lost one before) and they are in my spare bath room in the tub. I cleaned with a very mild bleach solution about a week ago and have had the pine shavings, paper towels and heat lamp all set up and ready to go since this weekend. I checked on them through out the morning and they seemed fine. I'm not sure if all of them found the food but obviously a few did. Tonight when I got home from work around 1230am I checked again. I cleaned up some pasty butt off one of them and noticed that 3 of the 5 seemed to be more sleepy/lethargic than the other 2. about an hour later I heard one peeping really loudly and checked. She had her eyes closed and was laying down. I picked her up and held her close thinking maybe she was cold but she wouldn't stop.She seemed really limp and wouldn't open her eyes. I got her to drink a little and put her back. 30 min later she was dead
Now I'm worried about the other 2. What is going on and can I do anything for the others? I don't have electrolytes but I put a bit of molasses in their water.

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