day-old chick "down"

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Feb 21, 2009
Central Missouri
Received 25 day-old chicks this am; they have been running around their "brooder" all day; a few hours ago my daughter noticed one lying down with 3 or 4 cornish X chicks standing over it; it is laying on its tummy with one leg sprawled out, eyes closed. It mover sometimes but not much. We've separated it; what do you think is wrong? Is it in a deep sleep or sick?

This is our 3rd batch of chicks and never had a problem like this, using a different hatchery this time.


11 Years
Jan 21, 2009
Kalispell, Montana
Sometimes they just don't make it...for reasons that are unknown. She might just be exhausted from the last few days.

Maybe try some chick electrolye with an eye dropper and keep her warm. I personally, would separate her from the rest and give her lots of one on one without handling her too much, but that may be overkill.

Have you SEEN her eat or drink at all? You can also make some mush out of her starter feed and try to hand feed her that too. Does she have normal poo?

The laying on her tummy thing with one leg out doesn't mean anything. Baby chicks sleep in weird postitions.

Good luck and sending good vibes to that sweet baby

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